Excel VBA Password Recovery 3.3.1: Reliable and User Friendly Excel VBA Password Recovery Software

Excel VBA Password Recovery 3.3.1

VBA programmers but it not easy to use it buy unknown person. So, we provide you best excel VBA password recovery tool that recover VBA password with full of expertise manner. By the use of VBA password recovery software you can recover lost VBA password which is used with various expressions and symbols. Excel VBA password recovery application can recover VBA password of MS-Office 2000, 2003, 2007 & 2010. This VBA password recovery software can

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LAselect 1.1: A fully programmable sorter for Excel and VBA that will sort even the unsortable

LAselect 1.1

Excel and VBA that will sort even the unsortable. Excel already has a sorter, so what`s the catch? Standard sorters can only handle sortable data and only produce simple orders. But, an estimated 80% of electronic information is not sortable in this way and the 20% remaining sortable data often has unsortable properties. Ask a standard sorter for [A-Z] and it will accommodate you. But what if you need [ZA-Y]? Or sort volume and you`re only given

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Excel Utilities 2.3.0: Excel Utilities is a unique utility for Excel, has solution of all tedious task.

Excel Utilities 2.3.0

Excel Utilities is introduced to solve advanced or time consuming tasks quickly. It is an Excel VBA tool used as Excel duplicate remover, macros in Excel, Excel ASAP utilities, Excel remove spaces or to clean data in excel. This Excel add-ins used to make Excel more valuable and powerful. When we works with MS Excel some task are very time consuming, for these types of tasks Excel utilities has more than 100 set of commands. Excel Utilities is fast

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Excel Tool VBA Password Recovery 10.6.1: This application will help you open password protected VBA Project.

Excel Tool VBA Password Recovery 10.6.1

This application is a Excel VBA Project Password recovery software designed to recover lost and forgotten passwords from password protected vba project files such as (.xls, .xls, .xlam). Passwords of any length and character set are supported, all the passwords will be recovered regardless of its length or complexity. The software supports MS Excel 97 to 2010 file formats of the supported VBA host applications.

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LastBit VBA Password Recovery 11.0.8050: Universal utility to recover lost or forgotten passwords to VBA modules.

LastBit VBA Password Recovery 11.0.8050

VBA Password is able to recover password-protected VBA modules existing in Access, Word and Excel documents and supports universal VBA password recovery that works with any application that uses VBA. VBA Password has two password recovery engines: one is designed for Word, Excel and MS Access files. It supports all Word and Excel versions and Access XP/2003. Another recovery engine allows recovering access to password-protected VBA modules in any

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Efficient Macro Recorder Excel A handy utility that makes your computers do work automatically and efficiently.

Efficient Macro Recorder Excel

Efficient Macro Recorder is a handy utility that makes your computers do work automatically and efficiently for you. It not only can records all or selective operation of mouse and keystrokes, it also provides a large number of useful extensions to deal with complex work, and saves operation records as macros for later use. It can play back recorded macros to automate your work any times that will save you a lot of time.

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Power XL 2.6.0: It is add-in for Excel which provides many commands to make Excel more valuable

Power XL 2.6.0

excel. To improve the power of Excel, Excel Macros and Excel add-ins are used. Excel VBA project includes duplicate remover, data cleaner, Excel word count etc. It supports all major versions of MS Excel like 2013/2010/2007. This excel add-in is used to clean data in excel. It can remove all upper case, lower case, alphanumeric, non-alphanumeric, alphabets, non-alphabets or user defined characters from selected cells. We can change case from lower

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Excel Change Case 3.0: It is a useful add-in to Change Case in Excel. It helps you to convert case of t

Excel Change Case 3.0

It is a useful add-in to Change Case in Excel. It helps you to convert case of the text as Uppercase in Excel , Lowercase in Excel , Title Case in Excel , Sentence Case in Excel just like MS-Word change case. In brief eXcel change case is a change case utility for excel just like ms-word. New Version is compatible with MS Excel 2007 & 2010. It can convert thousands of cells text in a few minutes. Excel does not have an inbuilt Change Case Command

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VBA Password Bypasser 4.0: Open any password protected VBA project (macros) instantly.

VBA Password Bypasser 4.0

VBA Password Bypasser by Thegrideon Software is advanced tool for VBA project passwords removal. VBA password recovery is a very long task, but you can bypass Visual Basic macros password protection using our tool. VBA Password Bypasser`s main advantage is the ability to bypass password protection of any Visual Basic project whatever the main program is: MS Office (Access, Excel, Word, etc), Corel Office, AutoCAD, etc.

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Reset VBA Password The password recovery utility for password protected VBA Modules in MS Office

Reset VBA Password

VBA Password is the password recovery utility for password protected VBA Modules in MS Office documents (Excel, Word, Access, Power Point, Project). VBA projects are widely used in applications within the MS Office family and in other applications that use VBA macros. These scripting programs allow automating the majority of routine office tasks and make the office a better place. To ensure the integrity of the original VBA code and to protect data

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